How would you like to present at the next NAPO Conference?

Tomorrow is the deadline for submissions to present at the 23rd Annual Conference and Organizing Exposition of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). The 2011 Conference Program Committee will be reviewing all applications and notifying the chosen presenters in August. Presenters are needed for 90-minute concurrent sessions or 3-hour “mega-sessions”. Please feel free to […]

Time to seek the help of a professional!

Jeff Klein, President of the Association of Closet and Storage Professionals, thinks that the “most successful people are successful because they’re organized.”  Having an unorganized home tends to trickle down into other parts of your life as well.  How many of us have been late for work because we are standing in our closets looking […]

Custom Closets Direct: Home Offices

Home offices are becoming even more popular with companies allowing their employees the option of working from home to conserve resources.  At Custom Closets Direct we offer ergonomically correct desks, computer stations, file storage and custom shelving systems to create the best work environment to help you work more efficiently. Take a look at some […]

The Benefits of a Dressing Room

If you have the space, you should consider installing a dressing room in your master bedroom suite.  Dressing Rooms have become the latest must-have in luxury homes.  Taking the standard walk-in closet a step further, the dressing room is a place that not only stores clothes and accessories, but a room where one can leisurely […]

Customize Your Home Entertainment Center

Since most families spend the majority of their time in front of the TV we decided to make the space as enjoyable for you and your family as possible.  We can custom build an entertainment or media center to easily store all your home theater equipment and components. At Custom Closets Direct we will design […]