5 Unique Storage Ideas for Large Bed Linens

Folding and storing large comforters, quilts and blankets can be a pain. They are often too long, wide and thick to be folded and just too large to stuff into tight linen closets. But with the cold winter weather in full force, it is a must that these bedding essentials be handled in a manageable […]

Storage Solutions for the Holiday Season

Your home will probably be inundated this holiday season with toys, games and clothes for your children.  If you find yourself having difficulty coming up with storage solutions for all these new purchases then give Custom Closets Direct a call at 516-223-2232. We can add shelves and baskets to your child’s closet or playroom to […]

Create a Craft Room

By now you are probably in the throws of gift wrapping all of your presents. As you probably know, it can be quite a task getting everything organized for the wrapping process. You have to find the right scissors, the gift wrap you have left over from last year, the double sided scotch tape, not […]

The Perfect Laundry Room

If you are looking for a more orderly and functional laundry room then give Custom Closets Direct a call. We can design you a custom laundry room that can house all your detergents, cleaning products and supplies, iron and iron board and more. For starters we can build you custom shelving, counters that can double […]