How to Create Clutter in Your Home

Do you know how to create clutter in your home? Of course you do. You probably don’t take the time to realize how the clutter in your home is created, because if you did it more than likely wouldn’t happen. We found a fun article on Times Union that pokes fun at how clutter is […]

How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

On average, how long does it take you to locate the specific item you’re looking for in your pantry after you open it? Chances are if it took longer than a minute your pantry is clutter. And whenever you a vast amount of clutter it means it time to get organized. Because you we are […]

Get Custom Closets Direct Updates Emailed!

If you are tired of rummaging through your bookmarked pages or typing in the URL for our blog then you need to get Custom Closets Direct updates emailed to you. By subscribing to our blog you will receive an email each and every time we publish a new post. As soon as we create a […]

Tips for Planning Your Custom Home Office

Are you tired of hunching over the coffee table to write, dozing off in the bed as you type, or fearing that your 5 year old will somehow spill his snack on your spreadsheets at the kitchen table? If so you are in need of a home office. One you throw in the towel and […]

Introducing the Live-In Closet

The glorious days of the walk-in closet are coming to an end as the live-in closet begins its reign. Wondering what the live-in closet is? Well, the live-in closet is one that has been completely remodeled, expanded and customized to better suit the needs of homeowners. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal noted […]

Advantages of Custom Made Bedroom Furniture

As custom closet and organization specialists we are well aware of your needs for organization elements in your bedroom. Because we are so in tune with the advantages of custom organization solutions, we are also in the business of creating custom made bedroom furniture. With your closet only being an extension of your room with […]

Quiz: What’s Your Organization IQ?

Do you think you’re a master at cleaning up and organization? Or are you completely sure that you and disorganization are one in the same? Well you may think you are one or the other or directly in between but you probably aren’t sure. We’ve found a way for you to figure out your IQ […]

Tips on Cleaning Up Quickly

What do you do when a guest who is supposed to be arriving at your house calls to tell you she will be arriving two hours ahead of schedule? After the shock wears off from panicking for a full five minutes you realize that you don’t have anymore time to waste, you have to clean […]