The Baker Home Office

We recently had the pleasure of working with the Bakers on creating a custom office for their home. Custom home offices are beneficial because they are tailored to your specific needs allowing you to work more efficiently. The Baker’s needs included desk space for two, shelving, and cabinetry for storage. We believe the home office […]

Decorate to Make Doing Laundry Easier

Are you on your way to enjoying doing laundry just a little bit more since you’ve installed your custom laundry room, but you still have a way to go? The easiest way to make completing laundry in your laundry room easier is to add things to it that you like. By decorating your laundry room […]

The Benefits of Custom Entertainment Centers

Do you often find yourself trying to untangle cords around your current entertainment center, or rummaging through your vast DVD and Blu-ray collection on your family’s movie night? If so you should consider adding a custom entertainment center from Custom Closets Direct to your home. If a great deal of time in your home is […]

Save Time and Money by Organizing Your Coupons

Everyone likes to save a dollar or two when shopping, but how many times have you found yourself in the check out line rummaging through your pockets, wallet or purse for the coupons you clipped last week? Or better yet, when was the last time you were behind someone who was holding up the line […]

Benefits of Wall Mounted Bookshelf Units

As creators of custom closets and storage solutions we are dedicated to helping others find ways to optimize the space in their homes. When many people think of storage solutions closets and cabinetry come to mind first. Although closets and cabinetry are important elements in home organization and space optimization, so are wall mounted bookshelf […]

File Cabinet Organization Tips

How many times have you reached over to the file cabinet in your office in search of an important document only to be greeted with a mess of overstuffed folders? Probably more times than you would like to admit. Although having a filing system of any sort is one of the first steps to having […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Custom Closets

If you have yet to install a custom closet solution into your home you probably don’t think much about your closet. It’s just the space that you kick off your shoes into after a long day at work and the place you throw all your clothes after laundry day. However, if you were to install […]

Laundry Room Organization Tips

Your custom-designed laundry room is finally complete, you have counter space for folding, shelves and cabinets for storage along with everything else you need to make the act of doing laundry easier. But now that your room is finished do you seem to be having a hard time organizing your belongings? To help you get […]

2011 Entertainment Center Trends

With the Super Bowl only being days away football fans are rushing to make last minute updates to their home entertainment centers. Because it’s not where you watch the game, it’s the system in which you watch it on. Top of the line entertainment systems aren’t solely regulated to sports fans. Since the beginning of […]