Oranization Tips for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you begin and each and every day. In a sense it is your personal sanctuary so it should be calming and stress-free. However, if your room is disorganized of full of clutter it is probably the source of how your anxiety begins each day. To help you turn your bedroom into […]

10 Things you Can Live Without to Optimize Space

Did you solicit the help of Custom Closets Direct to create custom storage solutions for your home, but you still struggle with clutter? Customized storage solutions provide you with the tools you need to optimize the space in your home, but if you have an abundance of belongings the will seem ineffective. Today we are […]

4 Reasons Why you Should Call Us for a Custom Closet

If you’ve ever given the idea of adding custom closets to your home to aide with organization any thought we encourage you to keep hashing it out. To make you decision easier we are going to take on the step of finding the right company for you. Custom Closets Direct is the best provider of […]

6 Steps to an Organized Desk

If you were to stop working and step away from your desk in your home office what would you see? Overflowing files, a disheveled legal pad, a jumbled pencil holder, 3 sticky-note pads, a calendar, your Smartphone, a bottle of water, a box of crackers, your child’s toy and a computer. Whew! Not only is […]

Add Accessories to your Custom Laundry Room

If you’ve recently decided to install a custom laundry room in your home we would like to congratulate you on taking one of the many steps on the road to home organization. A custom laundry room is the epitome of a functional space. By being tailored to the specific needs of your family your custom […]

Call Today for Your FREE Media Center Consultation!

Are you tired of looking all over the house for DVDs and Blu-ray discs when each and every time you’re ready to watch? Have you grown weary of changing out the various gaming and DVD systems whenever you want to use a different one because they all can’t fit in your current media center? If […]

Fun Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Closet

Can you think of a long list of things you would rather do instead of cleaning and organizing your closet? Most people can come up with a few things to do in place of cleaning, but it must be done. If it takes you awhile to begin cleaning and your mood suddenly shifts it’s time […]

Optimize Space in Your Storage Solution with Accessories

Do you have custom storage solutions installed throughout your home yet you still can’t find enough space for everything? One way you can optimize space in your storage solutions is with storage accessories. By utilizing accessories throughout your storage solutions you are able to free up additional space you didn’t know you had. At Custom […]

Add a Custom Closet to Your Child’s Room

Have you found yourself running out of place to put your child’s’ clothing? Are the drawers overflowing, and the closet bulging because you’ve managed to cram 3 times the amount of clothing in it than it can handle? If so then it’s time to install a custom closet in your little one’s room by Custom […]