Defining Space with Custom Built-ins

At Custom Closets Direct, we do so much more than just closets! Our skilled designers and craftspeople can create organizational systems for everything from offices, garages, and bedrooms to laundry rooms, pantries, and home theaters. Our built-in organizational systems do more than just provide storage and organization in your home. They can also serve as […]

Foyer Storage Solutions with Great Design

When it comes to the foyer, you are working with limited space so careful planning is necessary when adding storage solutions. You want to add enough storage for the various functions of the area, but you do not want to clutter the space. It is the very first room a person sees when entering your home so it must […]

The Aesthetic Pleasure of a Custom-Built Entertainment Center

In the age of high definition television many people are choosing to splurge on huge flat screen or panel screen TVs that show an amazing picture. But when they get that big beautiful screen home, they realize they don’t know where to place it or any of their video game consoles, digital content machine, Blue-ray disc player […]

To Fold or to Hang? Arranging your Clothes in the Closet

It is a question most people don’t realize they need to ask until they get to their closet….Should I fold or hang? Honestly, the answer really depends on the fabric. When it comes to arranging your clothes in the closet, you want to make sure it is properly placed because no one likes to deal with constantly […]

Designer Dressing Rooms: The Extraordinary Closet

When it comes to Hollywood style, there really isn’t enough room in a simple closet for a fashionista of the 21st century. Like the stars of the red carpet, many people are beginning to indulge in luxurious dressing rooms rather than a simple closet. Even a walk-in closet is half the size of these extraordinary designer dressing rooms. What […]

Invest in a Clean, Organized and Safe Workstation

If you love to work with your hands, chances are your garage or a room in your basement has become a makeshift workstation for all your projects. If you are always rummaging through overstuffed tool boxes and almost tripping over scattered construction supplies and tools, you seriously need to invest in a clean and organized […]

Register for a Free In-Home Consultation

Do you often find yourself frustrated because you can’t ever find anything you need in your closet exactly when you need it?  If it’s because of a lack of organization then we have the perfect solution.  Let us transform your current closet into a haven of organization! At Custom Closets Direct we design, manufacture and […]

7 Ways to Green Your Custom Home Office

Have you taken steps to living a more sustainable lifestyle? Maybe you’ve began buying locally grown produce, recycling and reusing as much as possible, or maybe you’ve adopted energy saving practices throughout your home,. But did you know you can green your custom home office? Since it’s the beginning of a new season and you’ve […]