Get Creative in the Kitchen with a Chalkboard Pantry

If there is one thing that Custom Closets Direct is sure of, it is that homeowners love to get creative when it comes to storage solutions. Sometimes that creativity can be a bit misguided, hence they call us, but in other cases their creativity can be right on target. Have you ever considered adding a chalkboard to […]

The $175,000 Dollar Closet

How much would you pay for a closet? Well a retired Long Island businessman payed $175,000 for one according to Yahoo Shine. Why so much? Well first of all it wasn’t just any ordinary closet. The man hired “Sex and the City” set designer Lydia Marks to design a replica of “Sex and the City” […]

Dress up your Closets with Mirrors

Did you know that your closet doesn’t have to look like storage space? We all know we need a place to store our clothes, jewels, shoes and accessories, but some people don’t want to see all that when they walk into their closet. If you are more into the aesthetic of the area, hiding your […]

Where can I store my Accessories?

Here’s the scenario: You are rushing to go to an event and you need to put the last touches on your look with your jewelry. You go to your jewelry bag only to find that your necklace that you want to wear is intertwined with about 6 other jewelry pieces which is going to take you at least 30 […]

Add more Closet Storage with an Island

If you have a large walk in closet but are still lacking space to lay out items, put together outfits and store small accessories, then you need an island in your closet. You may have only been familiar with an island in the kitchen but closet islands pretty much work the same in theory. They […]

Need Closet Space? Get Creative and Head to the Attic

Are you down to your last square inch of closet space and need a storage solution to prevent your home from bursting at the seams? Have you thought about going up into the attic? You may already keep a few items here and there in the attic but if it is an unfinished space, there is only […]

Design your Closet to Work for You

Many homeowners have standard closets that are out dated and horribly cluttered. Whether it is due to lack of space or what the closet is used for, everyone wants to know how to create a closet that maximizes storage space and looks organized. Here are a few ideas courtesy of House Beautiful, on how you […]

Have you Organized your Pantry yet?

The spring season is still here so there is plenty of time for you to get that pantry cleaned and properly organized before the summer arrives. During the winter time we tend to stock up on a lot of items that we may not end up eating. The first step to cleaning out the pantry […]