Take back your Garage and Organize the Clutter!

Here is the scenario: Your car is always parked in the driveway or out on the street because there is absolutely not enough space in your heavily cluttered garage. Does that sound familiar? If it does, then it is time to take back your garage and get organized. If you simple don’t know where to […]

The His & Her Closet

When it comes to couples sharing a closet, it can get a bit crowded and annoying. If your spouse’s things are always creeping into your side of the closet, it may be time to get a his and her closet. One thing is certain, women usually do have more clothes, shoes and accessories than their […]

What stands out about your closet?

Is there anything special about your closet? Our closet’s main function is to store our clothes but you don’t want to simply create storage, you want to have it specially designed for your space. Many people have closets they are proud of, whether it is staying organized and neat or well designed with special embellishments. […]

Designing Storage for a Small Laundry Space

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful laundry room that is large and has plenty of room to organize everything you need, that’s wonderful. However, many homeowners have limited laundry space to work with and need an efficient and attractive organization solution. If you think your laundry space is too small for custom […]

Creative Custom Entertainment Centers for your Personal Style

Have you been hunting in the furniture and entertainment stores trying to find the perfect entertainment center for your home? If you have, it is time to end that search because what you really need is a custom built entertainment center. More than likely, you can’t find the entertainment center you want because everything else looks so standard […]

The Super Sleek and Chic Black Closet

When it comes to our closets, we always want to feel like we are ahead of the game. We want to have the most fabulous shoes, the chicest outfits and the best accessories. But what about the closet, itself? Your closet can rival those of the stars with the right custom closet design and a […]

Tips on creating a cool Kids Closet

If you have ever heard of closet designer and organizing guru, Lisa Adams, you know about her list of celebrity clientele. She gets the celebrities and their children’s closet into order in a stylish and organized way. Here are a few tips she shared from People.com on how to create a stylish and clutter-free closet for your kiddies. […]