More Shelves Please: Closets made for Folding

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who actually prefer folding their clothes over hanging them. Shocking we know. However, though putting up the laundry seems like a tiresome and boring chore to most of us, it can be quite relaxing and enjoyable for others. If you prefer folding your clothes over […]

What’s your Home Office style?

Every home office is different. Depending on the type of work you do from your home office, you may or may not need certain things and the personality of your will more than likely be based on your personal tastes and work needs. You have to consider everything from proper storage solutions to what color […]

Why Custom Entertainment Centers are better than DIY Centers

Usually when it comes to our entertainment centers, the TV is the most important thing. Some people could care less about the center, so they place their beautiful big flat screen on these rickety DIY centers that do not come near to doing your grand TV justice. There is a reason for that. Your entertainment […]

Need a few creative ideas for saving space in your home?

When it comes to saving space in the home, you never can have too many clever ideas. We collect so many things over the course of our lives that we don’t have a place for it all. Some of it we end up having to give away, while the rest we cling to for dear […]

Coming to grips with decluttering the closet

Where you really shocked when you looked in the back of your closet and found your band uniform from 1972? Okay, it is time to come to grips with the situation, you need to declutter your closet. Set aside a morning or full day depending on the depth of the clutter, and just figure out […]

Would you like Custom Linen closets in your Bathroom?

When you have a spacious and sophisticated bathroom, you want your linens closets to match. Most homes have at least one linen closet that is usually located right out side of the bathroom. Having linen closets located in your bathroom is more convenient and allows you to keep the linens in your home together in the right place. This elegant […]

Plan for your Closets before your home remodel begins

When remodeling your home, you never want to forget about the closet. It is actually best to plan the design for your new closet or closets while you are planning the design for your remodeled home. With a bigger and better home, it is only natural that you will want bigger and better closets. There […]