Need Custom Cabinetry for your Potting Room?

Since the weather is now getting cooler and cooler, there won’t be much gardening outside. Many gardeners have potting rooms in their home so they can take care of precious plants indoors. But a potting room can get messy and inefficient if you do not have the proper storage available. Custom cabinetry is great for a potting room because you can […]

Cabinets or Shelves: Which do you prefer in the Laundry Room?

If you are trying to decide between cabinet or shelves for your laundry room remodel, it is best to figure out how you want the look of the room to feel. Do you want it to feel more cozy and casual? Or are you looking to create a laundry room that is more elegant and […]

A Beautiful White Home Office

Home offices can more than often be treated like utility rooms. Void of style, color and design, these rooms are never a pleasure to enter because you are always focusing on the chore or duty that must be done. But what if you entered into your home office and was overwhelmed with bright white interiors […]

Creating an Efficient Walk-in Closet

Not everyone has the luxury of a full on walk-in closet that can be a second bedroom. It is necessary for the more moderate sized walk-in closet to use every inch of its space to maximize efficiency. When you think about it, who really wants their closet to be inefficient? You would go crazy every […]

Establishing Zones and Proper Placement in the Home Office

In your office, whether at home or at a business, there is should always be a specific place for everything. When designing your office space, make sure that you establish activity centers. If you want an efficient office space, it should be zoned into three activity areas: 1. Work Center: this includes a clear workspace, […]

4 Tips to help Organize your Garage

If there is one place in the home where storage is a must, it is the garage. But it is too easy for the garage to become cluttered and messy if you place items in an unorganized fashion. You have to make sure you are using your garage space most effectively. Take a look at […]

Maximize your Laundry Room Storage

If you minimum space in your laundry room, it is time that you maximize your storage. In the laundry room, proper storage helps keep all your clothes and linens organized, off the floor and less wrinkled. Plus, storage also allows you to be more efficient in the laundry room. Who wants to spend all day […]

Decorating your Entertainment Center

When it comes to your home entertainment center, you can’t just have technology be the main focus of the design. It is important to decorate your entertainment center to enhance the look of the center as well as the room overall. If you have a custom home entertainment center constructed for you, there are some […]