Organize Your Garage With Vertical Storage

As the cold weather approaches, have you been thinking about how nice it would to be able to store your car in the garage again? No wiping snow off the windshield in the morning for you! One way to get your garage organized is by using more of the available vertical space in your garage […]

Get Organized and Stay Organized

Do you ever have the feeling that even though your house is neat right now, it will be disorganized again before you know it? Custom Closets Direct of Freeport, New York has a few suggestions to help you get organized, and stay organized. Use the right containers, shelf systems and home storage solutions. Investing in […]

Tips for a Tidy Laundry Room

Let’s face it, every now and then our laundry room organization can get out of whack. But if for your household, it is constantly out of order, you need a few tidying tips to help you get your laundry room in order. Have cabinetry installed. If you do not have cabinets in your laundry room, chances […]

A Custom Home Office can fit anywhere!

Many homeowners think they can’t have their own home office because either that means an expensive home addition project or creating an inefficient mess in your living room or kitchen. But the truth of the matter is, whether you live in tight quarters or a sprawling mansion, there is always room for an efficient custom home office. […]

Save Space in the Laundry Room with a Pullout Ironing Board

Many homeowners have limited space in their laundry rooms, so it is very important to use every inch of available space for efficiency. A great way to cut down on space in the laundry room is to get rid of that huge clunky folding ironing board in the corner and have a pullout ironing board […]

Lounging in the Closet

When you can afford the luxury of a big walk in closet, you can end up spending tons of time in there trying to choose the right outfit or rearrange your jewelry display. So after some time you will want to sit down and relax. That’s why it is an excellent idea to have a lounge or […]

Vanities in the Closet

Vanities or staging areas in the closet may sound a little odd at first, but honestly, they are more common then you may think. Many homeowners think of the bathroom when they envision vanities, however, it is actually more convenient to have a vanity or staging area in the closet too. The staging area is usually where all the […]

Tips for Selecting the Best Closet Design Expert

If you are at the point where you are looking for a closet design professional you have probably had it with cramped and overflowing closets that you can never find anything in. In order to find the right closet design expert that will provide you with the closet or closets of your dreams, here are a few […]