Roundup: A Better Organized Closet for 2012

If there is one thing everyone is trying to get rid of in the New Year, it is a lot of useless junk. We all know that it does not take long to create a huge mess in a small space such as a closet. Keeping your closet organized with great storage solutions is key […]

Wardrobe Inspired Interior Design for The Closet

If you’re creating a residential interior design plan for yourself or a friend and looking for direction about personal taste and preference, you may be surprised to find that the wardrobe housed in the closet offers many clues to the taste and preference of the person you are designing for.  Design inspiration can come from […]

An Organized Solution to Storing Holiday Decorations

Decorating for the holidays is always fun and brings the family together. Unpacking and repacking the necessary tools and ornaments is not one of the more pleasurable aspects. An organized process and storage solution can help reduce the aggravation of this unpleasant task. Here are some hints on packaging and storing your ornaments. Label Everything […]

A Well Planned Pantry Makes Holiday Cooking A Cinch

Whether you are a seasoned chef, or an eager beginner cook, maintaining a well planned pantry will go a long way toward making your holiday cooking a cinch. The article, “Organized Pantry: Beginner Guide to Pantry Pride” by Cynthia Ewer, editor of ‘Organized Home’, copiously defines how you can quickly and efficiently organize your pantry […]

Creating the Perfect Walk-in Closet

You’ve dealt with a skinny insufficient closet for much too long. Now is the time to upgrade to the perfect walk-in closet for you. However, you are not sure about everything that this perfect closet should consist of. That’s where Custom Closets Direct comes in. Many homeowners just know that they want it to be bigger, but […]

Neat Ideas for the Closet

If there is one space in our homes that is a struggle to keep neat and organized, it is our closets. Whenever we are in a rush we tend to throw things in and run for the door. It can be a challenge to commit to cleaning your closet everyday. With all the activities and […]

Shoe-Mania! Don’t let your Shoes take over the Closet!

If there is one thing that can easily take over the closet without even trying…it’s shoes! Why so many? Well, there a plenty of people (women and men) who just love shoes. There’s no problem with that, until they come home and look in the closet. The average closet is not built to accommodate a […]

Is your Entertainment Center ready for Super Bowl Sunday?

We know that the Super Bowl is 2 months away, yet now is the perfect time to check and see if your entertainment center is ready for an awesome football watching experience. If you still have the same entertainment center from 20 years ago and plan on getting a big flat screen by the time […]