A Stylish Laundry Room

It almost sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? No one usually thinks of their laundry room as stylish because of 1. it is usually located in an old utility closet or dark basement, 2. it is disorganized and messy, or 3. the appliances are old and on their last leg. Well Custom Closets Direct wants […]

Fun and Fancy Ideas for the Closet

Many fun and fancy ideas for the closet can be realized through creative interior design, and appropriate organizational systems.  If you have a large closet, you can gaily decorate with wardrobes, glamorous wall paper, a mirror, and multi-colored shoe or purse cubby holes. Wardrobe drawers and shelves will hold jewelry and other accessories in an […]

Ooh La La! Luxury Custom Entertainment Centers

Now that SuperBowl Sunday is just around the corner and many people are ordering their big flat screen TVs, now is the time to be thinking about a luxury custom built entertainment center to match. When it comes to watching sports or the latest blockbuster on the big screen, you want to be able to […]

Closets and Pantries Gone Wrong

You may not have the biggest or most organized closet, but chances are, every now and then you get around to straightening it up. Even though it may not last long in its organized state, you rest assured that you will get around to organizing it once again. However, when you have a poorly designed closet, it […]

A Large Pantry: Great for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

A custom pantry does not have to be your run-of-the-mill tight little room that can only accommodate boxed goods and shelf sustainable items. Take a look at this awesome large pantry featured on TraditionalHome.com. This 9×8-foot walk-in pantry can keep any kitchen virtually clutter-free. Not only does it act as a pantry, but it also acts as […]

The Roll Out Pantry: Storage on Wheels

Our pantries need to be as accessible as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to get to every item we need to in a tight and cramped space like a kitchen pantry. You have items that are stored very high and have rolled to the back of the shelf, then if you have back or […]

Custom Storage for a Luxury Dressing Room

For those who have the luxury of a dressing room instead of a run-of-the-mill cookie cutter closet, don’t think that because you have plenty of space, your dressing room is space efficient. The efficiency of your dressing room depends upon the storage solutions in the space. All storage spaces are not created equally. You want […]

Store Up in the Garage

Over head storage in the garage is a wonderful idea. Not only will it help to preserve floor space leaving more room for your vehicles, it also expands your storage area in the garage. Having enough storage seems to be a problem in every household at some point. Not because we run out of space, […]