A Custom Organized Closet

Harried Long Island home owners looking to simplify their lives should consider contacting Custom Closets Direct for their creative organization solutions. We are an independently owned company that offers free consultations and can often streamline your wardrobe in as little as on day. If your closets are a mess, we are the professional closet designers […]

Great Design Ideas for the Pantry

Any home cook or busy parent knows that maximizing kitchen storage options is the premiere way to keep the room organized. A kitchen pantry provides you with plenty of space for storing extra dry and canned goods, spices and kitchen supplies. Whether you are creating a new pantry space, making over a butler’s pantry, or revamping a pantry closet, […]

Adding Pizzazz to the Closet Door

When most of us think of pizzazz and our closet, we tend to think of the clothes and shoes. But if you don’t stop and consider the closet itself, you’re missing an easy and affordable way to add some more design to your life. Think about hiring a professional closet designer right here in Long […]

Clearing the way to Better Home Organization

Are you tired of the clutter in your home? Try some of these simple tips to help reduce the clutter in your home: Take a few minutes every night and have the family run through the house, putting stuff away. Get rid of the stuff you don’t love and need.  Clutter has a way of multiplying. […]

Custom Designed Storage for the Bedroom

When you think about it, the bedroom is the most intimate of all rooms in your home.  More time is spent in the bedroom than any other and no other room has more impact on your health.  Nothing brings a sense of style and elegance to a home like a custom bedroom set.  Yet, style and elegance are not the […]

Organizing the Laundry Room

When they talk about things that are inevitable, such as death and taxes, they forgot to mention laundry. It’s one of those things that continues to show up whether you like it or not. But wouldn’t it be so much nicer if you had an organized laundry room? With custom laundry room design, you’ll have […]

Custom Entertainment Centers can work in Small Spaces

Home theaters and entertainment areas have become a necessary luxury to us all. Gone are the days of tangled bundles of cords and trailing wires. No longer do we tolerate the rickety freestanding entertainment centers of our parents. Today you require sensible, functional and tasteful entertainment rooms that are customized for your unique needs, even […]

Garage Clutter driving you Crazy?

There’s one part of your house that you may not have considered renovating yet. Little-seen but very heavily-used. Storage, crafts, outdoor stuff, cars. That’s right: the garage! It can be organized and perfected too, if you plan carefully and make some precise purchasing choices. Work through the contents of your garage based on size. Start […]