Add Color and Organization to Your Child’s Closet

If you’re looking into decorating your child’s closet, you might be unsure about how much frill is appropriate. We have talked about taking your time on your closet and giving it the amount of attention and eye for detail that it deserves, but we all know that children will likely spend a little less time […]

3 Ways to Dream Up (and Create) Amazing Closets

Stop for a moment. We all live very busy lives and we don’t often do that—just stop. Pause and let your mind roam. In fact, think with us for a moment as we all envision exactly what our ideal, perfect closet would be like. Do you have the image in your mind? If you’re having […]

How to Live Like a Celebrity by Decorating Your Closet

Lisa Adams is the CEO of L.A. Closet Design and an Ambassador with Dress for Success. When she was interviewed by, she was given the opportunity to muse a little on the direction she suspects that closet design will go in. She suspects that homeowners will start to insist that a larger amount of […]