How to Take Closet Organization Cues from Kim Kardashian

A pair of shoes can transform an effort. Even fairytales like Cinderella or the classic Wizard of Oz movie understood the importance of a beautiful pair of shoes. After you collect so many, they tend to get difficult to find when you need them. Save yourself the frustration and avoid being late to events by […]

Peek at Tamara Ecclestone’s Closet Floor Plans

If you could design the perfect closet where money was not an option, what features would you include? We can all likely imagine something from any number of movies where opulent closets run rampant. In fact, large closets with plenty of showy options and storage space seem to be one of the first things we […]

When to Trade those Skinny Jeans for More Closet Space

Our closets can be an interesting mix between the things we wear on a regular basis and then those items that are a shrine to where we want to be. If you’ve been holding onto that skinny dress or thin jeans for long enough that, if you were entirely honest with yourself, that they aren’t […]