3 Ways to Get Inspired by Celebrity Closets

If you have watched the reality shows that take you inside someone’s house, you know that celebrity closets are usually luxurious. They are also bigger than an average person’s bedroom, but no matter what size you are working with, here are some tips to maximizing space. Closets are defined by building materials. Quality can go a […]

Custom Pieces Can Make an Excellent Closet or Dressing Room

Elle Décor recently gathered a series of best dressed closets for professionally designed homes. One in particularly caught our eye at Custom Closets Direct. It comes from a home in New York that was done by designer Steven Gambrel. It starts off with custom-made cabinets so that the shape, size, and depth of the piece […]

How to Quickly Organize a Closet for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and that means family and friends coming over to your house to enjoy a delicious meal. Unfortunately, that also means people with coats coming into your home and potentially opening your coat or linen closets. If you thought that closet space was a safe area to ignore […]

Custom Storage in Your Long Island Garage Can Make Winter Easier

Have you ever looked at a house and wondered why people don’t keep their cars in their garages? Or are you one of those people? When the weather gets particularly cold, it can be so much better to be able to keep your car in a slightly warmer garage to make your morning a little […]

Tips to Prepare Your Long Island Coat Closet for Winter

The best time of year for closets really is the winter time. There are advantages to seeing all of your brightly colored and patterned summer clothes, but there is a certain thrill to opening a closet and seeing all those warm coats and long sleeved tops that just make you feel like bundling up. If […]