Give Your Garage Some TLC Just in Time for Spring

Spring is nearly upon us, and before we know it, it will be time to open up our garage doors for the whole neighborhood to see.   Are you embarrassed that the neighbors may drive past and see where you hide the overflow?  Getting out there now and organizing your garage can turn it into a […]

An Organized Bedroom is a Peaceful Bedroom

The bedroom is supposed to be a quiet, relaxing place where you can get a little bit of peace of mind before you fall asleep. This can be difficult to do if your bedroom is messy and unorganized. The following are a few tips to better organize your bedroom area. Side Tables – Instead of […]

Mudroom Organizing Ideas that Work for Your Family

Mudrooms are an essential part of the home. They keep your living area and hallway from becoming littered with shoes, jackets and other accessories. However, if you’re not careful your mudroom can become quite a mess. Use these ideas to help keep your mudroom organized. Seating Storage – Knock out two birds with one stone […]

Women Want Big Closets

Big closets, with lots of storage solutions, can be very helpful to today’s modern woman. While the “open air” design is very hip right now, it just isn’t something that many are finding practical. What Do Women Want? Women want big closets! They want lots of bars for hanging clothes, shelves and cupboards. And they want […]