Don’t Underestimate the Power of Good Lighting in Your Closet

Despite your best efforts, your closets seem impossible to use.  You might purge them regularly, but you still find yourself digging through clutter in dark corners to find things you’ve lost, or you continually buy items at the grocery store and later find that you already had several of the same items in the back […]

What’s Your Clutter Tolerance?

If you’re considering implementing a few different custom storage solutions into your home, the first thing that you should do is figure out what your clutter tolerance is. Different people have different clutter tolerance levels. Some people are compulsive about keeping their home clean and clear, while others have no problem with having no clear […]

Need Motivation to Get Organized? Imagine How You’ll Use Your Space

With spring finally here, you may be thinking about home organization.  Winter clutter can get frustrating, but if lack the motivation to get started on your organization it’s easy to feel defeated and never get your clutter under control.  One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to imagine how you will use the […]

Easy Checklist for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

One of the most satisfying spring cleaning tasks is cleaning out the closet to make way for warm-weather clothes. Unfortunately, this can be a daunting undertaking, especially if you’ve let the clutter build all winter. Katie B. of Housewives How To’s has come up with a handy printable checklist to make closet organization relatively simple and pain-free. […]

Are Your Emotional Attachments Causing You to Cling to Clutter?

When viewed from one side of things, home organization is simple. It is only a matter of moving, removing, rearranging and throwing away some items. Despite this, many homes remain cluttered. Sometimes the reason for this is that homeowners are too busy or too tired to deal with the clutter. However, many times the real […]

Prepare for Tax Season With an Organized Home Office

With tax season upon us, you need all of your paperwork, statements, and receipts to be at your fingertips. However, if your paperwork is a shambled mess, tax preparation will not be a smooth process. You could spend more time hunting for misplaced documents than it would take you to file your taxes! Avoid gearing […]

Create a More Efficient Laundry Room in Your Long Island Home

The laundry room is an important spot in your home because the space needs to be as functional as possible. When it comes to organization in the laundry room, everything needs to be able to run as efficiently as possible, including your washer and dryer. Hidden Functions – If your laundry room takes up very […]