Sharing Closet Space: His and Hers Closet Design

Compromise is the essential element that lets men and women share the same living space. Couples must learn to compromise on their living arrangements, while also striving to maintain comfort and peace. One potential source of conflict is the closet; couples must learn how to share this space effectively. Here are some suggestions for designing a […]

Cleaning Personality Clash? Try These Tips for a Peaceful and Organized Home

Everyone getting along under one roof can be a little trying sometimes, especially when it comes to cleaning.  There are many different standards which apply to many different personalities and these tips can help you get on top of it all. If you stipulate what equals “clean enough” from the outset, then there should be […]

Reduce Your Belongings With These Tips

As a practical matter, home organization often comes down to doing more with less. We have been blessed with more gadgets, gewgaws and “labor saving” devices than you can shake at stick at. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them simply take up valuable space and are never found when you need them. More organized homeowners […]

The Man Closet Makeover: What Should It Look Like?

Man closets are increasing in popularity as they give the man of the house a space of his own for clothes, accessories, and other personal items. Men want an entirely different thing out of their closets from women that designs need to reflect. Consider some of the following when planning your man closet. Create a […]

Cut Closet Clutter with the Right Organizing Features

Many people believe they need a bigger closet for their stuff. But usually, the solution is a simple one: Organize better. Getting a closet system is the first step. A closet system has shelves, rods, and other storage accessories that maximize space. You can go for wire-coated shelves or for the more expensive wooden shelves; […]

Custom Organization Solutions for Mom

Mother’s Day is almost here, and it’s time to come up with something truly special to show Mom your appreciation for all that she does.  Maybe you’re looking for hints from her to see if there’s something she needs this year.  If Mom is displaying the following behavior, it may be a sign that home […]