Prepare to Organize Your Autumn Accessories

Fall has its own wardrobe and accessories, and preparing for an efficient fall takes a little bit of organization. Take some time to start the organizational process while the weather is still warm. Garage Organization Your garage likely becomes an integral part of your day during the autumn and winter months, since you probably park […]

Make a Laundry Room You’ll Love to Use

Laundry is never a particularly fun task, but with better organization and by decorating the laundry room you can create an area that you will love to use. Try some of these ideas to inspire you when creating your own custom storage solutions in the laundry room. Stack the washer and dryer. Not only will you […]

Ideas to Make Decluttering Fun!

“Decluttering” and “fun” are not words people often associate with each other. However, home organization can be enjoyable when you try some of these decluttering activities. Fill up a bag. Set yourself the challenge of filling up a bag with possessions you no longer need. If you have a lot of things to throw away, […]

Designing an Office for Two… and Keeping the Peace

With conflicting interests and differing personal styles, designing a home office for two people can be a challenge. Use these tips to find out how you can create a home office design that meets both people’s needs while keeping the peace. Personal space. Each person will need their own standard work space in the home office, […]

Getting Past the Mental Blocks for a Clean Home

In theory, home organization is easy: you simply throw away items you no longer need for a cleaner, decluttered home. In practice, however, it can be very difficult to part with possessions that hold emotional value, even if they are broken, useless, or no longer in style. In order to organize your home, it is necessary […]

Is Your Stuff Holding You Back?

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how much stuff they accumulate until they actually have to pack and move it to a new place. Amassing a lot of stuff not only costs money in the short term but also costs you a lot of time, effort and aggravation in the long run. Take the kitchen for […]