Too Many Mementos? Tips for Paring Down

There comes a time when people have to scale down and part with “stuff ” that has piled up over the years. You may be moving or remodeling or simply forcing yourself to reorganize your home by cleaning out the attic, basement or other storage areas. The decision to part with photos and mementos may […]

Ideas to Help Make Your Child’s Closet Organization Easier

Getting the kids dressed in the morning requires a lot of patience and good negotiation skills. But getting the kids dressed with the closet in disarray means you must also play archaeologist, too. Quit excavating and learn the art of closet organization. Cull your child’s wardrobe regularly. Store or donate outgrown or out-of-season clothing. Use […]

Organize Your Closet for Who You Are Now

Closet organization, especially for a large walk-in closet, can be a daunting task. Chances are that the last time you did spring cleaning, you just shuffled your clothes into different spaces while you were dusting, but the time has come for you to really clean out your closet, and we’re going to help. Throw things […]

Get Your Pantry Ready for the Upcoming Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner, which means that you might be hosting a few guests over at one point or another in the upcoming months. This means that you’ll be making dinner for more than usual, in which case you’ll want to make sure that your kitchen pantry is organized to make preparing […]

How to Turn Your Excess Stuff Into Cash

People, especially homeowners, accumulate all sorts of stuff that they no longer need. They keep it because it still has some value, just not to them. Here are a few ways to rid your home of this clutter while making a few dollars along the way: Trade It Away – While not technically dollars, you […]

5 Great Habits to Keep Yourself Organized

It’s possible to be organized with custom storage solutions that eliminate that age-old question, “Where did I put that?” Here are a few suggestion to help you save time and improve organization. Don’t buy items you are not going to use. It’s so easy to buy something on sale with the idea of finding a […]