Add Some Luxury to Your Closet: It May Become Your New Favorite Room!

If you avoid opening your closet for fear of what might fall out, it’s time to stop being afraid and create a space that will be your friend. Custom closets in Long Island include features and additions that will not only keep you organized, but make you want to spend more quality time there. Organization […]

Clutter Can Cost You: Motivation to Get Organized

When it comes to a functional and happy lifestyle, organization is the key. Many studies have been done and all of them point to the same results: clutter is bad for you, and it can even cost you money. When you are unorganized, it can have serious financial implications. Not only is there is a […]

Keep Your Closet Clean After You Get It Organized

For the chronically disorganized among us, getting an organized system in place is only the first step.  Once you have your closet the way you want it to be, you’ll need to implement some strategies to keep it clean from here on out. Never Say “For Now” The phrase “for now,” especially “I’ll put this […]

Organize Your Laundry Process to Make This Chore Easy

Laundry room organization can make completing this boring chore faster and more efficient.  Try these helpful tips to enhance your laundry process. Separate clothing according to care instructions; you can even have separate bins incorporated in your custom laundry design. (The “delicate” cycle does not work for hand-wash items.) Put delicate items in a mesh bag. […]

Get More Food Storage Out of Your Kitchen With These Ideas

If you’re like a lot of people living in older homes, you lack storage in your kitchen pantry – storage that would make buying for your family and having what you need on hand much easier. It can seem like a tough problem, but it can be remedied. Use these tips to make the most […]

How Decluttering Can Help Your Life Improve

Sometimes it just sneaks up on you and before you know it, there are piles of papers, mounds of clothes, stacks of books and tons of toiletries cluttering up every available counter, couch and closet. Try these practical and easy tips to get your life back in control and out from under all the mess! Storing […]