Expecting Entertainment Gifts This Holiday Season? Show Them Off in a Custom Media Center

It’s time to gather round the family and enjoy all those exciting films and games everyone’s been receiving. What better way to show them than with a state-of-the-art custom built entertainment center for your home? A well-organized entertainment center can help you enjoy your video games and movies without making your home look cluttered. Cabinets are important […]

Is Your Linen Closet in Disarray? Get it in Order Before Guests Come

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your home for overnight guests. To make your guests cozy and comfortable, create an inviting space with adequate storage for linens. You can optimize storage space and closet organization with built-in closet features. Shelves – closet shelving is a great way to store folded […]

Holiday Gift Ideas That Don’t Clutter a Home

If you find yourself wondering where you’re going to put all of your family’s new stuff after the holidays are over each year, you’re not alone.  We live in a world of an excess of stuff, and if you and your loved ones are tired of living in cluttered homes, it might be time to […]

Walk-in Closets Are One of the Most Valued Home Features

Through the past year, the second most desired feature people were looking for in their home design was walk-in closets. This extra space has turned into a multi-functional location that revolves around the daily task of dressing. At Custom Closets Direct, this does not surprise us, and we relish the opportunity to transform a closet to […]

Popular Upgrades for Closets to Consider in Your Home

Tired of looking at a messy, unorganized closet? Consider an upgraded look to your closet with extended drawers, accented lighting, and European designs that will not only enhance the appearance of your closet, but make it look brand new. Custom Closets Direct can help homeowners in New York reorganize closets the way you always dreamed […]

5 Tips to Keep Clutter From Taking Over Your Home

Ever heard of the 1958 sci-fi movie The Blob? It may have been inspired by household clutter. If you don’t stop it quick it just keeps growing! Here are 5 home organization tips so you can keep clutter from taking over your home. When cleaning a bedroom make the bed first. It makes a great point from which to […]