What to Do When Your Closet Becomes Too Messy for You to Handle

It can be pretty easy to lose track of what’s going in your closet – especially if you’re relatively busy on a day-to-day business. All of the sudden, your closet is a cluttered mess! The following are a few tips to help you clean up your closet: Sort through everything – The first thing you […]

Have an Unused Guest Closet? Convert It Into a Laundry Room

If you have a large walk-in closet in your guest bedroom that goes unused for most of the year, then you should convert it into something a little more useful. For example, why not turn it into a laundry room? Traditional Laundry Room by Twinsburg Kitchen & Bath Designers Studio 76 Kitchens and Baths The […]

Why Cedar is a Great Choice for Your Closet Walls

There are many different types of wood to choose from when it comes to lining your closet walls. We recommend the use of cedar to line your closet walls due to its many benefits. The following are a few reasons why cedar is a great option: Traditional Closet via Houzz First of all, cedar is a […]

Thoughts to Help You Get Rid of the Unnecessary Extras in Your Home

Clutter is something that a lot of homeowners have issues with. It can be hard to keep your home organized if it is full of clutter. The following are a few tips to help with getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home: Never used items – Look for items that you absolutely never use […]

Built In Bedroom Storage as Gorgeous and Functional Decor

The bedroom is a space that needs to feel relaxing and comfortable, which means that you’ll want to do everything that you can to keep it from getting cluttered, especially in smaller bedrooms. An easy way to do this is by using built-in bedroom storage. The following are a few ideas for using built-in bedroom […]

Learn Decluttering Skills From People Who Live in Tiny Houses

Something that many people have difficulty with is keeping their homes organized. Disorganization often leads to clutter, which makes a home feel less comfortable and more stressful to live in. Those that don’t have that problem are the people who live in Tiny Houses. Traditional Bathroom via Houzz Tiny Houses are truly small – they are […]