Tips for Creating a Varied Yet Uncluttered Wardrobe

If opening your closet has you dreading sorting through the overstuffed selection for an outfit, it’s time to unclutter your wardrobe. With some helpful tips from and the services of a custom closet designer in Long Island, you’ll streamline your wardrobe for easy outfit selection no matter the occasion. Traditional Closet via Houzz Just Enough […]

Get Your Craft Room Organized For Holiday Crafting

If you’re big on arts and crafts, then you should consider dedicating an entire room to your hobby. Having a whole space dedicated to crafting makes it much easier to keep things organized. However, the area can still get cluttered if you’re not careful. The following are a few tips for keeping your craft room […]

Only Keep Items You Need and Love to Prevent an Accumulation of Clutter

Many people think that they are keeping track of their possessions, but sooner or later they find their home filled with clutter. This often happens without even realizing it. So how do you prevent the accumulation of clutter? By only keeping the things that you either really need or really love. These are the questions […]

Sell Unwanted Items at a Garage Sale Before the Holidays Start

If you’re thinking about , then you should consider holding a garage sale in order to sell some of your unwanted items. We recommend holding your garage sale before the holidays come around. There are a number of reasons why you should hold a garage sale before the holidays hit. First of all, you’ll want […]

Figuring Out Which Clothes to Toss When Organizing Your Closet

Every once in a while, you might notice your closet becoming a little more cramped than you would like it to be. This usually means that it’s time to organize your clothes and get rid of what you no longer need. However, choosing what you don’t want can be a difficult process. Contemporary Closet via Houzz […]

How Clearing Clutter Can Make You Money

Getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home not only makes your space cleaner and less cramped, it could also help you make some extra money! When sorting through your home, make two piles of things you want to get rid of. One pile should have things you don’t think you’ll make much money […]