Bring Home the Dough From Your Decluttering Efforts

The idea of making money selling your unwanted items may be just the motivation you need for getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home. With some helpful tips, you can hold a successful yard sale and have extra dough as a reward for your efforts. Creative name and advertising Think of a creative name […]

Make Your Closet Easier to Organize With a Better Wardrobe

If you’re someone who buys more clothes than you could ever reasonably wear, you’re not alone. Nonetheless, buying too much clothing clutters your closet and it’s a better idea to shop with a strategy and utilize the services of a custom closet designer in Long Island. One-Third Rule Author Vicky Oliver recommends using the One-Third […]

Clever Ways to Transform Your Garage Into a More Useful Space

Your garage can be one of the most overlooked, underused spaces when you only access it as a catchall storage space. By organizing your garage in Long Island with shelves, cabinets, zones and clever ideas, you create a far more useful, functional space. Create zones The garage is often a multi-function space and creating zones […]

Trade Things With Friends to Encourage Your Organization Efforts

When you’re working on getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home and find yourself holding onto items because you think someone else might find them useful, consider trading with your family friends at a swap party. By swapping items, you declutter your home while encouraging other to get organized. Group motivation Eliminating clutter […]

Holding on to Items Just in Case? Here’s How to Defeat That Mindset

When you keep tidying your home only to discover that the clutter is still overwhelming, you may be holding onto too many things “just in case.” Defeat that mindset with helpful tips and a custom storage solutions designed to make your life easier. Eliminate the “just in case” mindset Perhaps you hold onto items because […]

How to Create the Walk-In Closet of Your Dreams

Achieving the closet of your dreams takes creative design choices and the help of a custom closet designer in Long Island. With the right style, shape and layout, you create a functional, flowing walk-in closet space. Choose a shape There are three general walk-in closet shapes and they’re L-shaped, U-shaped or straight. L-shaped closets use […]