Sophistication and Organization in the Home Office

A home office can be a space of grandeur or evolve purely for function. Reorganizing a space in your home can be practical, as well as aesthetic. Taking a spare room and turning it into a masterpiece can offer not only a room in which to work, but also a place to absorb culture. With […]

Custom Entryway Storage Solutions

If you have a mudroom or foyer that needs better storage solutions, adding more custom storage can definitely remedy the issue. Different types of storage is needed for various functions of the area, however, you do not want the space to be cluttered. Usually you enter the mudroom through the garage, so guests to your home […]

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Have you visited the Custom Closets Direct Facebook Fan Page yet? We would love to stay connected with you and all of our potential customers. The next time you log on to Facebook, make sure you check out our page and like us! Our latest posts will feed to your Facebook profile page so you can keep up […]

An Organized Home Entertainment Center Matters

Now that summer is just around the corner, there will be plenty of summer blockbusters out in the movie theaters and on Red Box! So that means many families will be taking advantage of there big or small home entertainment centers for entertaining. But one thing you have to make sure of before your guests […]

Displaying your Accessories in the Closet

Accessories are a necessity. Our outfits just are not complete without our beautiful watches, necklaces, earrings, belts, cuff links, rings and etc. So where do we keep it all? On display in our closets, of course. It’s hard storing your accessories in random drawers and on dresser tops where they can easily become tangled, knotted and damaged. However, when […]

Tips on Organizing your Linen Closet

That jumble of towels, sheets, pillow slips and unused junk filling your linen closet need not be.  Organizing the contents will eliminate that dreadful feeling of hopelessness experienced every time you open the door. Get rid of the junk –things that are not used, but will be needed one day.  O.K., but they need not […]