Ideas for a Full Wall of Built-In Entertainment

It’s no longer necessary to build dedicated cabinets for your TV, stereo and other electronic gadgets. The advent of wireless technology now allows you to pay more attention to the aesthetics of a custom built entertainment center rather than its functional needs. Here are some ideas for finding the right one for you: Create a […]

Make Your Living Room Guest-Ready With Custom Organization

For many families, the living room is the most commonly used room in the home. Parents entertain their guests there, but so do teenagers. Constantly straightening the contents of the room can be challenging, but custom storage solutions make it possible for everyone to enjoy the room while keeping it neat and clean. Colorful shelves […]

Create a Beautifully Organized Man Cave for Father’s Day

A lot of fathers sacrifice their personal style when living with a family and kids, opting for something a bit more family-oriented than in their bachelor pad days. To create a truly great space to show you appreciate dad, nothing could be better than building a man cave that’s all his own. Giving dad a […]

Add a Customized Entertainment Center to Your Game Room

Many Long Island residents enjoy game centers in their homes, complete with luxury features like a large TV screen, a pool or ping pong table, Wii, and everything in between. As much fun as they bring to your household, game rooms can be a challenge to keep organized, especially if you have a growing collection […]

How to Get a Professional, Customized Entertainment Center

Not everyone in the household will understand the importance of a home entertainment center. Even when everyone in the home agrees that it is an important area of the home, the draw toward it can still be very different. We’ve lived in places before where one of the people involved only cared about the function […]

An Organized Home Entertainment Center Matters

Now that summer is just around the corner, there will be plenty of summer blockbusters out in the movie theaters and on Red Box! So that means many families will be taking advantage of there big or small home entertainment centers for entertaining. But one thing you have to make sure of before your guests […]

Custom Entertainment Centers can work in Small Spaces

Home theaters and entertainment areas have become a necessary luxury to us all. Gone are the days of tangled bundles of cords and trailing wires. No longer do we tolerate the rickety freestanding entertainment centers of our parents. Today you require sensible, functional and tasteful entertainment rooms that are customized for your unique needs, even […]

Is your Entertainment Center ready for Super Bowl Sunday?

We know that the Super Bowl is 2 months away, yet now is the perfect time to check and see if your entertainment center is ready for an awesome football watching experience. If you still have the same entertainment center from 20 years ago and plan on getting a big flat screen by the time […]

Decorating your Entertainment Center

When it comes to your home entertainment center, you can’t just have technology be the main focus of the design. It is important to decorate your entertainment center to enhance the look of the center as well as the room overall. If you have a custom home entertainment center constructed for you, there are some […]

Why Custom Entertainment Centers are better than DIY Centers

Usually when it comes to our entertainment centers, the TV is the most important thing. Some people could care less about the center, so they place their beautiful big flat screen on these rickety DIY centers that do not come near to doing your grand TV justice. There is a reason for that. Your entertainment […]