5 Ways to Improve Your Life Through Organization in 2015

Being stuck inside during cold weather is the perfect time to take charge of home organization. As you organize to improve your life, you’re creating a fresh start so when spring arrives, you can get outside and enjoy it.

Make an entrance

Your entryway or mudroom greets you when you arrive home, so tidying it up sets the theme for the whole house. Designate areas for coats, shoes, backpacks, and umbrellas to keep things neat.

Kitchen cleanup

The kitchen is the heart of the home and clutter accumulates quickly on countertops. Take the time to put everything away before the end of the day so it’s not waiting for you the next day.

Focused bedroom

Having clutter in your bedroom starts your day off wrong as you search for clothing and other necessities. When you organize to improve your life in this room, your mornings go smoother.

Tidy bathroom

It’s easy for bathroom drawers and cabinets to become over-full with toiletries so keep things tidy with dividers, baskets, and racks.

Closet maximization

Closets seem like the perfect place to cram everything, but they function better when organized with custom designed rods, shelves, and hooks.

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