Custom Pieces Can Make an Excellent Closet or Dressing Room

Elle Décor recently gathered a series of best dressed closets for professionally designed homes. One in particularly caught our eye at Custom Closets Direct. It comes from a home in New York that was done by designer Steven Gambrel. It starts off with custom-made cabinets so that the shape, size, and depth of the piece will provide not only the exact look the client is looking for but all the storage needs that might be overlooked otherwise in the interest of keeping to a specific look.

We love this high-gloss white with red trim, but we especially appreciate how versatile this can be in a dressing room. If you are looking for something similar in your own Long Island area home, call us today at (888) 355-5237 in order to schedule a consultation where our experts come to your home in order to see what space you are looking to transform.

Source: Best Dressed Closets
Photo Credit: Eric Piasecki via Elle Décor

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