Give Every Room in Your Home a Clear Raison d’Etre

Source: Houzz
Prevent overcrowding in your home by giving your rooms clear purposes. Source: Houzz

Sometimes rooms become so multi-purpose you end up overcrowding them with items that don’t work together and lead to disorder and clutter. When you give every room in your home a set purpose with planning and home organization, it improves the functionality of the space and reduces confusion.

Activity zones

In elementary school, classrooms had activity zones and applying this concept to the rooms in your home helps define their purpose. Try to limit the number of activities in each room to less than five because anything more can overwhelm and clutter the space with an excess of furnishings and materials.

Make it fit

Rooms with multiple purposes such as a living room/homework area/home office clutter quickly without the proper setup. Defining activity zones in these areas often means removing items that overcrowd the space to improve the flow of the room and make sure both furnishing and people fit.

Stay organized

By designating activity zones in each room, it’s easier to keep areas organized because everything has a place. Putting items back after each use takes less time than sorting through them later when the room has become a mess.

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