How to Create the Walk-In Closet of Your Dreams

Achieving the closet of your dreams takes creative design choices and the help of a custom closet designer in Long Island. With the right style, shape and layout, you create a functional, flowing walk-in closet space.

Contemporary Closet by London Architects & Building Designers TG-Studio via Houzz

Choose a shape

There are three general walk-in closet shapes and they’re L-shaped, U-shaped or straight. L-shaped closets use two walls of the room, U-shaped use three walls and straight gives room for his and her sides.

Ample storage

One of the most important features of a walk-in closet is having ample storage for all your belongings. With dedicated storage for clothing and accessories that consists of rods, drawers, shelving and cabinets from a custom closet designer in Long Island, it’s easier and less stressful to find items quickly. Plentiful storage keeps the area looking tidy and free of clutter.

Sufficient lighting

The right lighting style in your walk-in closet helps you find and coordinate clothing items as well as adding a stronger atmosphere to the space. With lighting, you can improve brightness, highlight accessories, highlight displays, and create task areas for dressing and applying make-up.

Maximize the luxury of a walk-in closet with a custom closet designer in Long Island from Custom Closets Direct.

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