How to Help a Disorganized Housemate

Use these tips to help a messy housemate tidy up. ©
Use these tips to help a messy housemate tidy up. ©

When you’re living with a housemate who’s less than tidy, it can be a challenge to stay organized. However, with some great custom closets in Long Island and a few tips that encourage organization in your housemate, there’s hope for an uncluttered living space.

Lead by example

Rather than confront your housemate and demand they organize and tidy, try leading by example first. Keep your items and areas neat and clutter-free and perhaps your housemate will feel inspired to do the same.

Clever storage

If your organized example isn’t enough to foster the same trait in your housemate, it’s time to invest in some clever storage solutions. Create interesting, multifunctional and easy storage in common areas such as bathrooms and living rooms so your housemate can see where items belong and place them there.

Set the stage

Start by organizing the entryway to set the stage for organization in the rest of the home. By greeting your housemate with easy, attractive storage options when they first walk in the door, you’re encouraging them to continue it throughout the house.

Living with a housemate doesn’t mean living with clutter when you have custom closets in Long Island from Custom Closets Direct.

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