Make Your Closet Easier to Organize With a Better Wardrobe

Use these tips for a better organized closet. ©
Use these tips for a better organized closet. ©

If you’re someone who buys more clothes than you could ever reasonably wear, you’re not alone. Nonetheless, buying too much clothing clutters your closet and it’s a better idea to shop with a strategy and utilize the services of a custom closet designer in Long Island.

One-Third Rule

Author Vicky Oliver recommends using the One-Third rule to avoid buying clothing you may never wear or only wear a few times. To help you look great no matter the occasion, Oliver suggests buying 1/3 the amount of clothes you usually do, but spend three times more on each item. Buying fewer items of higher quality usually means they’ll last longer.

Avoid trends and impulse purchases

It’s tempting to follow the latest trends or make impulse purchases of items in your favorite colors, but stop and think before buying. Consider if trendy items are really your style and how long they’ll be in fashion and how many items you have already own in your favorite color. Downsize your wardrobe to quality essentials you can mix and match and you’ll always be in style.

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