Pleasant Closet Touches Inspired by Boutiques

If you are looking for ideas for your closet design, then you look at boutiques for inspiration. Boutiques are practically giant closets anyway, which means that they are familiar with creating the perfect set up for trying on and accessing clothes and accessories. The following are a few design touches that you can steal from boutiques for your closet:

  • Comfort – Although organization is important, remember to keep your comfort in mind, too. Have a comfortable place to sit where you can view all of your clothes and try on your shoes. Lay down a nice area rug to keep the floor warm and to add visual balance to the closet.
  • Ornate designs – Provide some elegance to the closet by adding beautiful molding and gold leaf accents.
  • Island – Install a small island in the middle of your closet for added storage space and a surface for folding or packing clothes.
  • Recessed lighting – Lighting is of utmost importance. Not only do you want to be able to see everything, you want everything to look its best as well.

Use these boutique tips for your closet and contact Custom Closets Direct for a custom closet designer in Long Island.

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