What to Do When Your Closet Becomes Too Messy for You to Handle

It can be pretty easy to lose track of what’s going in your closet – especially if you’re relatively busy on a day-to-day business. All of the sudden, your closet is a cluttered mess! The following are a few tips to help you clean up your closet:

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    Sort through everything – The first thing you should do is begin sorting through your clothes. Pick out clothes that you never wear or rarely wear and get rid of them – either by donating them or tossing them out. Don’t forget to try clothes on – older pieces may not fit anymore!

  • One day at a time – Don’t try to go through your closet in one day or you may end up making rash decisions or find yourself unable to make decisions. Go through one rack or shelf at a time, once week until you’ve sorted everything.
  • Add to storage – If you find clothes that mean something to you but that you never wear, put them away in storage so that they’re not taking up space in the closet.

Use these tips to clean your closet and contact us at Custom Closets Direct for additional Long Island home organization advice.

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