Decorating your Entertainment Center

When it comes to your home entertainment center, you can’t just have technology be the main focus of the design. It is important to decorate your entertainment center to enhance the look of the center as well as the room overall. If you have a custom home entertainment center constructed for you, there are some extra design enhancements you can add but that does not replace the need for some well place decor on the shelves.

Need some help? Here are 3 tips for decorating your home entertainment center:

1. You don’t need to go on accessory overload. You can display one or two items (pair) that can highlight the look of the center. If you chose to do groupings go with odd numbers like three, five and seven.

2. Framing the TV with decorative items or books is a great idea. Use hardcover books, books that have special meaning to you or historical books which are great conversation starters. Go vertically or horizontally, whatever looks best for your entertainment center.

3. Display family photos. Show the love and closeness of your family by using photos in frames. Whether they be adventurous shots of the kids or sweet couple portraits, try to place a variety of memories into your entertainment center to make it more personal to you.

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