Make Your Living Room Guest-Ready With Custom Organization

custom storage solutions
Source: Houzz

For many families, the living room is the most commonly used room in the home. Parents entertain their guests there, but so do teenagers. Constantly straightening the contents of the room can be challenging, but custom storage solutions make it possible for everyone to enjoy the room while keeping it neat and clean.

  • Colorful shelves add a vibrant dose of color to the room while also maintaining the decor scheme. It’s a great way to include books and decorative items from all members of the household.
  • Built-in storage never goes out of style and can be an easy way to tuck away games, controllers and other toys, while also providing easy access for the next use.
  • Double duty-furniture such as storage ottomans are a great opportunity to enhance your decor and also organize the room with guests being none the wiser.
  • Drawers, baskets and remote control caddies can add character to the room while also providing opportunities for organization.

For more personalized custom storage solutions for your home, contact our experienced design and organization professionals at Custom Closets Direct. We love helping families in the Long Island area.

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