Decorate to Make Doing Laundry Easier

laundry room with chandelierAre you on your way to enjoying doing laundry just a little bit more since you’ve installed your custom laundry room, but you still have a way to go? The easiest way to make completing laundry in your laundry room easier is to add things to it that you like. By decorating your laundry room with things that make you happy you will instantly be in a better mood as you walk in to mounds of dirty clothes. To get you started on your way, we are going to share a few laundry room decorating tips…

  • Add color. You can paint the walls a bright color to lift your spirit, or include splashes of color in the form of functional and decorative items.
  • Add nice lighting. Just because you’ll be doing the dirty work doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the illumination of a gorgeous chandelier.
  • Add art. Art always adds interest and personality to a space so frame the kids’ drawings or your favorite Van Gogh print.

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