Go Overhead with Laundry Room Storage

Besides your bathroom, the next smallest room in your home is usually the laundry room. And since it is a small space, you want to utilize as much of it as possible for storage. It is so easy for our small rooms to become cluttered and messy. All it takes is a few articles of clothing and a few detergent and cleaning supplies to make the room look more like a crazy janitor’s closet rather than an efficient laundry space. When you are deciding on custom storage solutions for your laundry room, consider overhead storage as in cabinets and shelves.

Photo Credit: decorating-decorating.com

You may not have room for a spacious counter and an ironing board station, but you do have wall space above that will be perfect for keeping things like detergents, fabric softeners, linens and so forth. Get as much as you can off the floor and into the overhead storage to make your laundry room neater and more efficient.

Photo via decorpad.com

If you need a custom organization solution for your small space, contact Custom Closets Direct in Freeport, NY to design and install a new organized storage solution today!

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