Organizing the Laundry Room

When they talk about things that are inevitable, such as death and taxes, they forgot to mention laundry. It’s one of those things that continues to show up whether you like it or not. But wouldn’t it be so much nicer if you had an organized laundry room?

With custom laundry room design, you’ll have custom laundry room storage that will improve your laundry room efficiency. Custom Closets Direct provides free consultations in Long Island and Freeport, NY, to help you perfect your laundry room design.

Rather than a dank, unorganized laundry room, imagine a pleasant, orderly, fully functional laundry room with a home for your detergents, cleaning products, mops, brooms, iron and more! Our custom-designed laundry systems can include doors to enclose shelving, counters on which to fold, pull-out baskets for sorting, hidden ironing boards and many other options to make doing the wash easier than ever before.

Contact Custom Closets Direct to make your custom laundry room dream a reality today!


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