Who Says You Need to Keep Your Closet Behind Closed Doors?

Closets are often the places where people throw everything. However, with the help of a custom closet designer in Long Island and open closet ideas, you can tidy up your closet and make it so sophisticated that you won’t need doors anymore. Creative composition When a built-in closet doesn’t feature everything you need to fit your wardrobe, an open […]

Get More Space Out of Your Home With Smart Choices

If your home is short on square footage, you can make it full of character and functionality when you maximize the space of your home with some creative space maximizing hacks. Shelf diversity Mix different width shelves in your storage and open areas to make the most of the area you have. Use narrower shelves […]

A Simple Strategy to Keep Clutter Out Before You Buy It

When you need to upgrade or replace items, you don’t often think about what’s involved with getting rid of them someday, but you should. While some items stand the test of time, others wear out fast. Before buying something new, remember the process involved with getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home. Furniture Buying new furniture […]

Maximize the Potential of the Guest Room With Custom Storage

Guest rooms are versatile spaces that can serve as an office, bedroom, or den. Use these clever ideas and custom storage solutions to make the most of any size guest room while maintaining organization. Simple efficiency If your spare room serves as both guest room and office, use a combination of drawer units and open shelves in one […]

You Don’t Need More Clothes: Tips to Make Better Use of Your Current Wardrobe

While it’s tempting to redo your wardrobe with the latest fashions, that can put a strain on your budget and overflow your closets. Rather than buying more stuff, save money on clothes by reinventing items you already have and arrange them beautifully with the help of a custom closet designer in Long Island. High quality […]

Keep Your Collections in Order With These Tips

Having an assortment of collectible items is great, but if you’re not careful, they can turn into unwanted clutter in your home. With ideas to give your collections a purpose and custom storage solutions from Custom Closets Direct, your favorite items are on display in an attractive and functional way. Frame it up If your collection consists […]

You Don’t Need to Keep Gifts You Don’t Like, We Promise

Sometimes it feels like getting rid of clutter in your Long Island Home is never-ending. However, when you follow some helpful decluttering rules regularly, it’s easier to stay organized. Guilt-filled gifts Everyone keeps certain items out of guilt because they were a gift from a relative or an inherited collection of things like salt and […]

You Don’t Have to Get Rid of Your Stuff to Have a Neatly Organized Home

While a majority of organizational advice focuses on getting rid of excess stuff, that isn’t the only solution. If you love your collections, you can still have a neatly organized home with the help of clever tricks and custom storage solutions. Maximize wall space Having a few shelves hung on the wall for storage isn’t […]

Give Your Mind Some Breathing Room With These Organization Strategies

With upcoming spring weather, you’re going to want to spend more time outside in the sunshine. Now is the perfect time to organize to improve your life and streamline your routine to remove clutter from your life and your Long Island home. Prioritize Stave off procrastination by prioritizing the most important tasks you need to accomplish. […]

Fight Your Brain’s Need to Fill Your Home With Junk

It can be a challenge getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home when you keep bringing more items in. If you struggle with impulse purchases, follow these helpful tips to train your mind to stop filling your home with junk. Avoid the store traps Stores lead you into temptation purchases, but you can […]