Creating an Efficient Walk-in Closet

Not everyone has the luxury of a full on walk-in closet that can be a second bedroom. It is necessary for the more moderate sized walk-in closet to use every inch of its space to maximize efficiency. When you think about it, who really wants their closet to be inefficient? You would go crazy every morning rushing for work because you could find a matching pair of shoes or the right pants to a particular suit. Closets need order. Here are a three tips that will help you to create order and efficiency in your closet.

  • Have custom shelves and cabinetry installed. Great especially for walk-in closets that have an unusually shaped space.
  • Create a system. Whether you choose to have pants and skirts on one side or blues and black folded in the cabinets, figure out a system that works for you.
  • Get it off the floor. Hang or fold everything in your closet. Never leaves clothes on the floors. It will leave your closet a cluttered mess.

If you live on Long Island and need some professional help planning for your walk-in closets, contact Custom Closets Direct at 888-355-5237. At Custom Closets Direct, we design, manufacture and install closet systems and organizers to fit your exact specifications.


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