Get Creative in the Kitchen with a Chalkboard Pantry

If there is one thing that Custom Closets Direct is sure of, it is that homeowners love to get creative when it comes to storage solutions. Sometimes that¬†creativity¬†can be a bit misguided, hence they call us, but in other cases their creativity can be right on target. Have you ever considered adding a chalkboard to your pantry? What a great idea! We all know there are certain times where you are either cooking a meal or preparing a dish and realize, “Oh, I’m out of sugar” or “Man! All the coffee is gone.” Well wouldn’t it be great if you can simply pick up your chalk at the pantry and write it on the chalkboard. That way, once it is time to make your grocery list, you can check the chalkboard for items you need.

Photo Credit: Sarah via

Another great thing about the chalkboard pantry, you can write your menu for the day or week. And totally eliminate your family from always asking, “What’s for dinner?”

Custom Closets Direct in Freeport, NY can design a custom pantry that will fit your exact needs. Give us a call at 888-355-5237.

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