Garage Clutter driving you Crazy?

There’s one part of your house that you may not have considered renovating yet. Little-seen but very heavily-used. Storage, crafts, outdoor stuff, cars. That’s right: the garage! It can be organized and perfected too, if you plan carefully and make some precise purchasing choices.

Work through the contents of your garage based on size. Start with the biggest element: a car! Do you have enough clearance to easily park, enter, and exit? Leave a big enough area for this. Any other big items? A boat? A bike?

Then, move on to storage. You might be using any shelves or boxes the previous owner left, but think about buying some new ones. They can be visually appealing and practically great at the same time.

A free consultation is available that could get you started on this project! Custom Closets Direct in Long Island can create the perfect garage organization solution for your garage. Just give us a call at 888-355-5237.



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