Change Your Approach to Decluttering and Start With a Clean Slate

Clutter can be challenging to deal with, but sometimes deciding what to get rid of is even more of a challenge. Take a different approach to getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home by focusing on items you use the most and then adding other items back in. When you realize what you […]

Get More From Your Coat Closet With Built-In Solutions

With its location right by the entrance to your home, the coat closet is one of the hardest working storage spaces. Make sure you maximize that space in your coat closet with some helpful tips and a custom closet designer in Long Island. Don’t have a coat closet? We have ideas to solve that issue […]

How to Inventory and Organize a Closet

Keeping your closet organized can be difficult if you don’t take the time to go through your closet and inventory your clothes and accessories every once in a while. Sorting through the things in your closet is an essential step to maintaining closet organization. The following are a few tips to help you out: Contemporary […]

Small Spaces That Need Better Organizing

Your time is one of your most important assets, and if you’re spending too much time trying to locate things, then you’re wasting valuable time. Here are some great tips for coordinating room spaces to work for you: The entry You’re tired, and it’s easy to toss bags and boots in the entry when you get […]

Is Your Linen Closet in Disarray? Get it in Order Before Guests Come

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your home for overnight guests. To make your guests cozy and comfortable, create an inviting space with adequate storage for linens. You can optimize storage space and closet organization with built-in closet features. Shelves – closet shelving is a great way to store folded […]

Popular Upgrades for Closets to Consider in Your Home

Tired of looking at a messy, unorganized closet? Consider an upgraded look to your closet with extended drawers, accented lighting, and European designs that will not only enhance the appearance of your closet, but make it look brand new. Custom Closets Direct can help homeowners in New York reorganize closets the way you always dreamed […]

Prepare to Organize Your Autumn Accessories

Fall has its own wardrobe and accessories, and preparing for an efficient fall takes a little bit of organization. Take some time to start the organizational process while the weather is still warm. Garage Organization Your garage likely becomes an integral part of your day during the autumn and winter months, since you probably park […]

Stay Fit… with an Organized Closet?

Making the commitment to get fit and stay fit means adapting your entire lifestyle. Simple changes to organize other aspects of your life can help you get on track with your goals. Why not start with the closet? Clear out junk and any clothing you do not use. This will help you feel more focused and […]

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Good Lighting in Your Closet

Despite your best efforts, your closets seem impossible to use.  You might purge them regularly, but you still find yourself digging through clutter in dark corners to find things you’ve lost, or you continually buy items at the grocery store and later find that you already had several of the same items in the back […]

Are Your Emotional Attachments Causing You to Cling to Clutter?

When viewed from one side of things, home organization is simple. It is only a matter of moving, removing, rearranging and throwing away some items. Despite this, many homes remain cluttered. Sometimes the reason for this is that homeowners are too busy or too tired to deal with the clutter. However, many times the real […]