Clear Your Home and Life of Unnecessary Junk

Spring is when everyone starts thinking about cleaning and organizing. However, any time of year is perfect for getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home and life as it makes daily tasks easier and promotes a healthier environment. Traditional Home Office via Houzz De-clutter your home Clearing out unnecessary things in your life starts inside your home. […]

Plan Organization During the Design Phase of Your Home

As you’re planning the interior design of your home, you consider floor materials, paint colors, and furnishings, but you’re overlooking a very important detail. That detail is including Long Island home organization in your design that de-clutters and enhances the style of your space. Traditional Closet via Houzz Polished and organized Incorporating storage and organization in […]

A Simple Tip to Make it Easy to Get Rid of Old Clothes

Living in the Northeast means a closet full of clothing for warm and frigid seasons, which takes up valuable space. With some de-cluttering tips and the help of a custom closet designer in Long Island, it’s easy to make room for every season’s wardrobe. Discard bag Chances are that when you’re looking through your closet for […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Life Through Organization in 2015

Being stuck inside during cold weather is the perfect time to take charge of home organization. As you organize to improve your life, you’re creating a fresh start so when spring arrives, you can get outside and enjoy it. Contemporary Garage And Shed via Houzz Make an entrance Your entryway or mudroom greets you when you arrive […]

Reclaim Your Home From Clutter With a Built-in Drop Center for Everything You Need

If you’re kitchen counter or mudroom shelves are cluttered with keys, devices, and mail because it’s closest to the door, it’s time to consider custom storage solutions. An article on Houzz features a custom built-in drop center that helped organize one family and can serve as inspiration for your own storage redesign. Built-in Drop Center via Houzz […]

Ask Yourself the Tough Questions Before Buying Something New

It’s difficult to ignore all the things that appeal while you’re out holiday shopping. While you’re tempted to do a little shopping for yourself, you need to ask some tough questions before you upset your home organization and budget by purchasing more items. and have some helpful tips to avoid impulse purchases. Traditional Closet […]

How to Inventory and Organize a Closet

Keeping your closet organized can be difficult if you don’t take the time to go through your closet and inventory your clothes and accessories every once in a while. Sorting through the things in your closet is an essential step to maintaining closet organization. The following are a few tips to help you out: Contemporary […]

What to Do When Your Closet Becomes Too Messy for You to Handle

It can be pretty easy to lose track of what’s going in your closet – especially if you’re relatively busy on a day-to-day business. All of the sudden, your closet is a cluttered mess! The following are a few tips to help you clean up your closet: Sort through everything – The first thing you […]

Cute Touches to Help Organize Your Closet

If you are planning a new closet design, then you should keep both function and form in mind. Why not add a personal touch to a space that you’re going to spend so much time in, after all? The following are a few cute touches that we recommend to help organize your closet: Jewelry storage […]

Pleasant Closet Touches Inspired by Boutiques

If you are looking for ideas for your closet design, then you look at boutiques for inspiration. Boutiques are practically giant closets anyway, which means that they are familiar with creating the perfect set up for trying on and accessing clothes and accessories. The following are a few design touches that you can steal from […]