Statistics That Will Make You Want to Get Rid of All Your Unnecessary Clutter

When you start getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home, you quickly realize how much stuff you own. The following surprising statistics show that you’re not alone and help put in perspective the amount of purging you need to do. Never enough storage According to the New York Times, for the past 40+ years, offsite […]

A Simple Strategy to Keep Clutter Out Before You Buy It

When you need to upgrade or replace items, you don’t often think about what’s involved with getting rid of them someday, but you should. While some items stand the test of time, others wear out fast. Before buying something new, remember the process involved with getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home. Furniture Buying new furniture […]

Get More From Your Coat Closet With Built-In Solutions

With its location right by the entrance to your home, the coat closet is one of the hardest working storage spaces. Make sure you maximize that space in your coat closet with some helpful tips and a custom closet designer in Long Island. Don’t have a coat closet? We have ideas to solve that issue […]

Make it a Little Easier to Part With Items With Emotional Value

One of the hardest things about getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home is deciding what stays and what goes. Thankfully, an article from has suggestions to help decide which items have enough sentimental value to stay and which are better off elsewhere. Put Feelings Aside When your home has clutter like antiques, […]

Tips for Creating a Varied Yet Uncluttered Wardrobe

If opening your closet has you dreading sorting through the overstuffed selection for an outfit, it’s time to unclutter your wardrobe. With some helpful tips from and the services of a custom closet designer in Long Island, you’ll streamline your wardrobe for easy outfit selection no matter the occasion. Traditional Closet via Houzz Just Enough […]

Take the Minimalism Challenge in Your Long Island Home

Getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home will go a long way in helping to make your house less messy, thereby helping make your house more comfortable and free of stress. So why not take the minimalism challenge by getting rid of some of the things you don’t need? The following are a […]

Are Files the Cause of Your Clutter? Tips for Handling Them

There’s nothing worse than having clutter pile up without even realizing it. This often occurs with files. If you have files that need to be kept, then keeping them organized is an important part of preventing clutter. The following are a few custom storage solutions to keep your files from becoming clutter: Create a central […]

Create an Incredibly Organized Drop Spot for Your Home

Keeping your everyday items organized can be difficult. We often throw these things down wherever we are, only to have difficulty finding them later. This is why you should consider building a drop zone. The basic purpose of a drop zone is to provide storage space for everyday belongings and to make them easily accessible […]

Built-in Storage Can Help Throughout the House

Storage is something that most will always need more of when it comes to their home design. In order to create a more cohesive home design, we highly recommend that you incorporate built-in storage throughout the home. The following are just a few built-in storage ideas that you could use: Swing-out storage – Those lower […]

A Guide to Organizing Your Bathroom With Built-In Storage

Your bathroom is a space that houses lots of stuff, from shampoo bottles and soaps to items like towels and even bath rugs. However, organizational systems are usually lacking in many bathrooms. That’s where custom storage solutions can really come in handy, especially if you’re working with a small space that doesn’t have tons of […]