Advice for Clearing All the Clutter From Your Home in 2 Months or Less

Getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home can make your life less stressful while making it easier and faster to clean. With advice for removing clutter in 2 months or less and help from custom closet designers, your home will be much more livable. Daily goals Trying to clean out all the clutter in one day […]

Keep Your Collections in Order With These Tips

Having an assortment of collectible items is great, but if you’re not careful, they can turn into unwanted clutter in your home. With ideas to give your collections a purpose and custom storage solutions from Custom Closets Direct, your favorite items are on display in an attractive and functional way. Frame it up If your collection consists […]

You Don’t Need to Keep Gifts You Don’t Like, We Promise

Sometimes it feels like getting rid of clutter in your Long Island Home is never-ending. However, when you follow some helpful decluttering rules regularly, it’s easier to stay organized. Guilt-filled gifts Everyone keeps certain items out of guilt because they were a gift from a relative or an inherited collection of things like salt and […]

You Don’t Have to Get Rid of Your Stuff to Have a Neatly Organized Home

While a majority of organizational advice focuses on getting rid of excess stuff, that isn’t the only solution. If you love your collections, you can still have a neatly organized home with the help of clever tricks and custom storage solutions. Maximize wall space Having a few shelves hung on the wall for storage isn’t […]

Now That Spring is Here, It’s a Great Time to Tackle Your Wardrobe

Part of your spring cleaning routine needs to include organizing and streamlining your wardrobe. As you’re putting away sweaters and pulling out blouses, you can organize to improve your life by following a few steps that help you creatively arrange your necessities and eliminate the excess. Closet via Houzz Eliminate and donate If you haven’t worn […]

Adding Some Grown-Up Looking Storage to Your Child’s Bedroom

Storage in a child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be all vibrant colors and plastic bins when you incorporate more adult design elements. Long Island home organization is about keeping everyone happy and making a child’s room easy to clean; attractive storage accomplishes that. Contemporary Kids Room via Houzz Multipurpose storage A daybed with built in storage is a […]

A Simple Tip to Make it Easy to Get Rid of Old Clothes

Living in the Northeast means a closet full of clothing for warm and frigid seasons, which takes up valuable space. With some de-cluttering tips and the help of a custom closet designer in Long Island, it’s easy to make room for every season’s wardrobe. Discard bag Chances are that when you’re looking through your closet for […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Life Through Organization in 2015

Being stuck inside during cold weather is the perfect time to take charge of home organization. As you organize to improve your life, you’re creating a fresh start so when spring arrives, you can get outside and enjoy it. Contemporary Garage And Shed via Houzz Make an entrance Your entryway or mudroom greets you when you arrive […]

Take Control of Your Playroom With the Organizational Power of Built-Ins

One of the best and worst aspects of playrooms is how often kids play in them. Children love spending hours playing with their toys, but don’t often love spending time cleaning up all those toys. Suggestions from the Better Homes and Gardens blog and custom storage solutions like built-ins give you everything you need to organize […]

Get Inspired to Overhaul Your Closet by Looking at What Other People Are Doing

The closets in your Long Island home often serve double or triple duty as storage spaces for a variety of objects. As you organize for the New Year, draw some inspiration for closet organization from ingenious designers featured on Traditional Laundry Room via Houzz Streamlined linen closet The linen closet is a challenge to keep organized. Linens turn […]